Jun 8, 2016

Bike Hike Congratulations from District Scout Leader - Steven Munro

Congratulations to all who pedaled their bike for the 2016 Sunraysia District Bike Hike 2016.
Those who stayed on their bike for the entire ride, you did 40km (you can add 20km to your km's hiked badge in the back of your book)
Below are the tracks from my GPS on the bike. Red is Day 1 (20km), Yellow is Day 2 (10km)
If anyone has any good photos be sure to post them here so we all can see!
Great area to camp/ride around, pity the track was a little heavy, but great to see so many Scouts keep on pushing through!

Big thanks to all the helpers and everyone involved in organizing the track.

Steven Munro
District Leader - Scouts

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