Dec 12, 2012

End of Year Message

As the year comes to a close, the Committee would like to take the opportunity to thank every individual who helped out this year. Whether it's cooking a BBQ, attending camps or helping at working bees, every contribution is invaluable, and without it the Group would cease to exist. Thank you all for your time, energy hard work and ideas.

As we look forward to 2013, there are a few things we need to consider.

Our Hall still has a number of repairs and upgrades that need to happen. The Committee hopes to have our space up to standard by years end. This is a big undertaking, and we need both the man power and the funds to make this happen. It is our hope that we can all pull together and create a space for our children which is both safe and welcoming.

This brings us to our second focus for 2013 - Fund raising. We need to generate as much funding as we can in the coming year. Not only will it assist with repairs to the Hall, but the time and effort put into raising funds significantly reduces financial outlay for parents and carers. Please voice any and all ideas you make have in this area - the more creative the better!

It has been a pleasure working with you all this year, and we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year.

We look forward to seeing you all in 2013!

5th Mildura Cub & Scout Group Committee

Dec 4, 2012

5th Mildura Scouts Relax-End-of-Year-Camp

Where: at Mansells sandbar in Colignan. See map and follow scout tracks...
When:  Sat 15thDec about 10:00 am untill about 3:00 pm Sun. 16th  Dec.
Cost: nil (self cater)
Activities: Relax, enjoy, fish, swim, campfire or any other scout activities anyone would like to do.
What to Bring: (a guide)
  •      life jacket
  •       bathers + rashie
  •        towels x2
  •        hat
  •         suncream / insect repellent                                               
  •         mat/stretcher                                                                       
  •        sleep bag/ pyjamas/ pillow
  •         warm clothes                                                               
  •         x2 old bush/river clothes                                                   
  •         torch
  •         toiletries and personal first aid                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
  •         thongs/sandles /water shoes                                                                                                                                 
  •         camping chair
  •       waterbottles
  •         Fishing gear (optional)
  •         Own food for the weekend                                                    
  •         dilly bag
  •        Scout tents can be borrowed from Troop
  •        Byo cookers/pans/tuckerboxes/table
  •        Any other camping gear (shovel etc.)
  •        Health form if your parents are not staying
    Supervising adults: Maaike and Mark Johnston 50291523/0428291523
  • If it is a Total Fire Ban day, you will have to bring food that does not need cooking on a fuel stove or fire.
  • Any adults with WWC who can assist with the supervision during this weekend are most welcome to join too.


5th Mildura Scouts News

·         5th Dec. Watersafety activities at the Irymple swimming pool 6:30-8:30PM (bring shirt/pants and shoes to swim in too) $1.70 per child
·         12th Dec. 7-9pm, a christmas themed masterchef competition. (bring badge blankets and swap badges to share )
·         Thank you to all parents, scouts, leaders for another eventful and awesome scout year.
·         Goodbyes to John, Charles, Tavis and... have fun with the Venturers next year.
·         Leaders update: Louise is back being a Rover, Maaike is training to be new leader
·         Good luck to 8 scouts going to Australian Jamboree 2013 in Queensland; Tavis, John, Charles, Alex, Jack, Annie May, Bree and Emma
·         Get well to Courtney, we hope you make a speedy recovery.
·         Stay connected through our website/blog (  and facebook site (
·         Link to Scouts Australia Digital Guidelines:
·         We would like to encourage all parents to get a Working With Children’s check, to enable them to help out with anything scout related. (it is free, just pick up the form from the postoffice)
·         Start date next year: Wed. 6th Feb. 2013
·         New meet times from next term: 7.00PM – 9.00PM
·         Troop Council date: Wed. 30th Jan. 7.00PM

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year,
Yours in scouting,
Steven, Sheridan, John, and Maaike

Parent Survey (please return this part to the leaders before the end of the year)

Name Parent(s)/guardian(s): _______________________________________

v  Would you be willing to be rostered on as a Parent Helper during Wed. nights?
YES   /   NO

v  Would you like to help out with the supervision during patrol activities and or camps?
YES  /   NO

v  Are you ok with the patrols sleeping together in their own tents, hence having mixed gender sleeping arrangements?
YES   /   NO

v  Would you like to attend a parent information session at the start of Term 1?
YES  /    NO

v  Any comments or suggestions for the Troop to take ‘on board’?

Nov 25, 2012


New Years Eve BBQ Fundraiser Meeting

To anyone who is interested in helping out in any way for the New Years Eve BBQ Fundraiser to be held at the Bushman's Rest Caravan Park, a meeting is going to be held at McDonalds on Deakin Avenue this Wednesday the 28th @ 6:30pm.

Even if you can't attend on the night, there are many ways you can still help out in the lead up to the event.

Any and all help is appreciated!



Nov 12, 2012

Committee Meeting

Just a quick reminder that there will be a Committee Meeting this Wednesday 14th @ 7:30 :)
Please email through any agenda items (even if you can't make the meeting and want to know something, email the question through and we will do our best to answer it for you!)
See y'all there!
Caitlin (Secretary)

Nov 6, 2012

Cubs need your help!

 We are making a Christmas Tree for the Alfred Deakin Centre Display. 
 I would like to use old Back Packs and old shoes! So can everyone please look in their Cupboards for Old School bags, day packs!
The rougher the better, Broken Straps and busted zips!
They are the ones we can use!
We will need to keep them until Jan 4th!
Please drop off to the Scout Hall this week!

These are a couple of photos from our Pirate Themed District Camp. Target Practice and walk the plank!

Oct 22, 2012

Committee Meeting

Merry Monday all!
Just a quick reminder about the Committee meeting this Wednesday night. 7:30pm @ the hall.
Agenda will be out tonight (hopefully!!!)
Hope to see y'all there!!!
Caitlin (Secretary)

Oct 8, 2012

For Sunraysia Scouts going to AJ2013 - From Mark Wilson, the Jamboree Troop Leader.

For Sunraysia Scouts going to AJ2013 - From Mark Wilson, the Jamboree Troop Leader.

Hi Scouts,
               Just a quick note to let you all know that the Leaders and scouts you will be sharing your Jamboree experience with are all from Sunraysia and North West Region.

Firstly, I’m Mark Wilson Scout Leader from 1st Kerang your Jamboree Troop Leader.
Assisting me will be Syd James from Red Cliffs, Roy Keller from 2nd Mildura & Amber Moynhan from 1st Lake Boga.

The 4 of us will be getting together next weekend at the Leader Orientation day to finalizing a date for a Pre- Jamboree Camp. This Camp is where the Scouts will meet everyone, and all things such as Jamboree Patrols, PLs etc. will be decided.
Our Jamboree Troop is made up of Scouts from, 1st Barham, 1/2nd Cohuna, 1st Hopetoun, 1st Irymple 1st Kerang, 1st Lake Boga, 2nd Mildura, 5th Mildura and Red Cliffs.

Here is the intended transport arrangements to and from the Jamboree.

Jamboree Transport Plan.
All Victorian Contingent members will be able to travel to and from the Jamboree from anywhere in Victoria within the Jamboree fee.

At this stage it is intended that buses will leave from Metropolitan Melbourne at approximately 7am on January 1st 2013. Country buses will leave with sufficient amounts of time to arrive at Corrowa at the same time as the Melbourne buses.
Lunch will be provided to all Victorian participants and the convoy of buses will travel to the Dubbo showgrounds where all will have a break for dinner provided by the Dubbo Show Society.  At this point there will be a driver change and the convoy will continue on to Brisbane for breakfast and another driver change. They will then travel to the AJ2013 site.  The estimated arrival time is between 11am and 12pm on January 2nd 2013. Lunch will be provided by the Queensland Contingent Troops.
The return journey will begin after the closing ceremony at approximately 11pm on the 12th January 2013. Breakfast and lunch will be provided on route to Dubbo. Once arriving in Dubbo there will be a rest stop at which dinner will be provided. It is anticipated that the buses will arrive back in Melbourne early on the 14th January 2013.
All coaches will have a video on board and toilets available. There will be several stops along the way at road houses to meet driver requirements and allow everyone to stretch their legs.
As stated previously, there will be 3 separate drivers for each coach on the way to and from the Jamboree site.
The Victorian Contingent investigated into a number of different means of travel, the most obvious being air. As we anticipate taking 3500 Victorians during peak season for air travel we were informed by all major airlines that it would take up to 4 days each way to fly us to Brisbane.  Return train travel was also ruled out due to the time required and the inability of the railways to supply enough carriages to transport such a large number of people. This left us with the only acceptable option to travel by bus as was the case with the last Queensland Jamboree.