Dec 4, 2012

5th Mildura Scouts News

·         5th Dec. Watersafety activities at the Irymple swimming pool 6:30-8:30PM (bring shirt/pants and shoes to swim in too) $1.70 per child
·         12th Dec. 7-9pm, a christmas themed masterchef competition. (bring badge blankets and swap badges to share )
·         Thank you to all parents, scouts, leaders for another eventful and awesome scout year.
·         Goodbyes to John, Charles, Tavis and... have fun with the Venturers next year.
·         Leaders update: Louise is back being a Rover, Maaike is training to be new leader
·         Good luck to 8 scouts going to Australian Jamboree 2013 in Queensland; Tavis, John, Charles, Alex, Jack, Annie May, Bree and Emma
·         Get well to Courtney, we hope you make a speedy recovery.
·         Stay connected through our website/blog (  and facebook site (
·         Link to Scouts Australia Digital Guidelines:
·         We would like to encourage all parents to get a Working With Children’s check, to enable them to help out with anything scout related. (it is free, just pick up the form from the postoffice)
·         Start date next year: Wed. 6th Feb. 2013
·         New meet times from next term: 7.00PM – 9.00PM
·         Troop Council date: Wed. 30th Jan. 7.00PM

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year,
Yours in scouting,
Steven, Sheridan, John, and Maaike

Parent Survey (please return this part to the leaders before the end of the year)

Name Parent(s)/guardian(s): _______________________________________

v  Would you be willing to be rostered on as a Parent Helper during Wed. nights?
YES   /   NO

v  Would you like to help out with the supervision during patrol activities and or camps?
YES  /   NO

v  Are you ok with the patrols sleeping together in their own tents, hence having mixed gender sleeping arrangements?
YES   /   NO

v  Would you like to attend a parent information session at the start of Term 1?
YES  /    NO

v  Any comments or suggestions for the Troop to take ‘on board’?

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