Oct 10, 2011

Committee Meeting - This Wednesday 7:30pm, 12 October

Our next meeting is scheduled for 7.30pm Wednesday 12th October at the Scout Hall.  Minutes to our last meeting were emailed to those on the mailing list. A list of the jobs that need to be completed in and around the Scout hall were also included. 

I am currently putting together the battery collection article for school newsletters.  Is there anyone willing to be the contact person?  Please let me know.

Max W rang me today re the Energy Saving pamphlets.  He has got them and also let me know that David S has organised a marquee for the Mildura Show to promote Scouting in Sunraysia.  The idea being that we can utilise this to handout the pamphlets.  It has been organised from 10 to 4 each day of the show.  Max is seeing if it could be until 6 so that there is more of an opportunity for Scouts/Cubs and parents from fifth Mildura to be at the marquee and handout the pamphlets.  Please think about if you are able to help be at the marquee and what time would suit.  Max mentioned that he would see if free passes could be organised too.

Also Max is getting in contact with the Sunraysia Daily to organise a spot at the Home show to again distribute the pamphlets. 

Agenda so far;
1.  Maintenance
2.  Energy Saving pamphlets and the show organisation
3.  Scout and Guide facilities grants

Anything else?

David M

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