Mar 19, 2010

Help Needed Easter Saturday & Sunday @ Mildura 100 Ski Race!!!

Sunraysia District Scouts have been asked to assist with the Mildura 100 Ski Race Car Parking on Easter Saturday & Sunday.

This is a fundraiser for the District and we require 18 helpers each Shift to assist on each day, even if you can only make it for one shift that would be a great help!.

No special training is required, we just need people power on each day to assist directing cars, the Ski Club supply the rest!

I have set up the roster for each shift below, if you can assist please reply & add your name & home/mobile number to 1 or more of the shifts.

If you have any questions or would like any further information please email or call me on 0419 130 739.

David Searle
District Commissioner
Sunraysia District Scouts

Red Cliffs Lunarfest & Lindemans Tour De Murray

Hi Everyone,

Another big weekend coming up in Sunraysia for community events.

Red Cliffs Lunarfest
Saturday 20th March 2010

The Red Cliffs Scout Group is participating in Red Cliffs's biggest event on the calendar!
The parade starts at 12.00 noon and winds it's way through the Streets of Red Cliffs.
Then at Barclay Square there will be loads of entertainment, activities & food stalls all afternoon & into the night.
A great day ensured, so go out & support this community event.

Lindemans Tour De Murray
Sunday 21st March 2010

Fund raiser event which is a fun and non competitive day.
Ideal for all the family.
Regular road and family bike rides, family walk, river swim, tennis coaching and more.
10.30am-Mildura Mayoral Walk from Mildura Tennis Club to Apex Park and return.
11.30am-Mildura Murray Masters 1.5km swim from Rowing Club to the Bridge and return.
11.00am-Sunraysia Bug Family Leisure Bike Ride from Mildura Tennis Club to Apex Park and return.
Tennis and Rhee Tae Kwon Do 'come and try' at Mildura Tennis Club.
LOCATION: Mildura Lawn Tennis Club, Cureton Ave

For further information see the attached Flyer or contact Matthew Holland on Mob: 0412 176 908

Keep you up to date on Scouting & District Events
Yours in Scouting,

David Searle

David Searle
District Commissioner
Sunraysia District Scouts

BBQ Cancelled

This weekend's BBQ has been cancelled. Thankyou to those families who volunteered!

Mar 13, 2010

Check Out the Other Scout Blogs in the District

2nd Mildura, Red Cliffs and Irymple scouts all have their own blogs!
Check out what the other scout groups are doing around the district.
Red Cliffs Scout Group
1st Irymple Scouts
2nd Mildura Scouts
2nd Mildura Venturers

Mar 12, 2010

Cancelled :: BBQ Fundraiser

A note was sent home with your scout about 3 weeks ago asking for volunteers to assist with this fundraiser, as of Wednesday we had 4 families volunteer to help. We are requiring more parents to come forward between 10:00am and 4:00pm to help raise money to purchase equipment and resources for the scout troop. If we all give an hour or two it will not be left to the same few and we will get things done quicker and we may even have some fun along the way!!!!!

The BBQ will be held at the Mildura Driving Range on Ontario Avenue from 10:00am to 4:00pm.

Please email me if you are able to help.

Terry Dyke
Parent Committee Representative.

Working Bee (This Saturday at 10am)

This Saturday (March 13) at 10:00am we have been fortunate enough to have the use of a “Dingo” to remove some of the top layer of dirt and prickles in the scout yard. The Dingo has been donated and we are unsure when we may be able to get it again for this job. A couple of parents have said that they would be able to meet at the hall at 10:00am to get this job done. I realise that it is short notice and that we are all busy, however it would be greatly appreciated if a few more families could assist even if only for an hour. Once we have these gardening and maintenance jobs out of the way it will only be a matter of maintaining the hall and grounds. Please try and help out as it is our children who will benefit in the long run.

Please email me if you are able to help.

Terry Dyke
Parent Committee Representative.

Mar 5, 2010

Raft Regatta 2010 :: Moved to Wentworth

The raft regatta is still happening this weekend!

Nangiloc is ruled out due to muddy tracks (water across the tracks in some places).

We will be heading to Wentworth and camping in an area past the lock. (See the map). Follow the signs (I hope).

We will be putting the rafts into the river at Curlwaa boat ramp on Saturday morning. The rafts will travel downstream to the boat ramp near the Wentworth Hospital where they can be easily taken out of the river. Both boat ramps can be easily accessed in all weather conditions. The track to the campsite at Wentworth is sandy and should be reasonably accessible even if we get more rain.

See you at the hall at 6pm and we can pack and all travel out together.

Mar 4, 2010

Raft Regatta 2010 :: What About The Rain?

I have spoken to Steve and we believe that the Raft Regatta should go ahead as planned. We're Scouts. A bit of rain and mud shouldn't stop us.

We cannot postpone this camp as there is not really another weekend available. Postponing this camp would effectively cancel the camp. This would be a shame considering the amount of work Scout across the district have done preparing for this camp.

We think that access to the campsite at Buxton's Bend should be restricted to 4WD vehicles only. If you have a 2WD vehicle, you can park along the road at the entry to Buxton Bend and 4WD vehicles will ferry everyone into and out of the campsite.

For more information see our BLOG

Raft Regatta 2010 :: More Information

Don't forget your life jacket (if you have one), wide brimmed hat, fully enclosed shoes (old sand shoes which won't come off) not 'Crocs' or sandals, water bottle and a portable lunch for Saturday.

Looking at the weather forecast, it shouldn't be a total fire ban, so cooking should be allowed, but remember to have a backup plan!

It looks like we might get some rain over the weekend and the nights may be cold. Make sure your tent is waterproof, you have a spray jacket, and something warm to wear in the evenings.

See you at the hall before 6pm on Friday. We are hoping to be leaving the hall at 6pm. We will then head out to Buxton's Bend together.

Raft Regatta 2010

Location of Activity: Buxton's Bend, Nangiloc / Colignan
Dates of Activity: 5/3/10 to 7 /3/10
Cost: $0.00 (self-cater)

Must have a pre-made cut, non-cooking lunch for Saturday.
Transport Arrangements:
Depart: Scout Hall, 6:00pm. Car Pooling
Return: Pickup from Buxton's Bend at 1:00pm
Google Map below.
Scouts need only scarf to travel to and from activity.

There will be swimming.

Emergency Contact During Activity: John Loughhead 0418 375 920

Refer to the Activity Information Form handed out at Scouts a few weeks ago.
Refer also to the handout for the Personal Gear Memory Jog.

All gear must be clearly marked with the owner's name. No responsibility will be taken for any lost property. If you have, or can get a Life Jacket please bring it, we only have 16 for the Troop.

Shoes, Life Jacket, Hat, T-Shirt & Water Bottle are compulsory while on the raft!

This is to be treated as a mid-weight camp. There will be no BBQ or kitchen tent or hot water. Scouts will be required to organise, pack, and setup their camp. They will also have to cook /arrange their meals. Leaders / Parents will be there to help and supervise.

We would welcome a female parent to attend this camp. Please contact us if you are available.

Map to Raft Regatta camp site. (Use controls on map to zoom in and out).

View Larger Map