Mar 5, 2010

Raft Regatta 2010 :: Moved to Wentworth

The raft regatta is still happening this weekend!

Nangiloc is ruled out due to muddy tracks (water across the tracks in some places).

We will be heading to Wentworth and camping in an area past the lock. (See the map). Follow the signs (I hope).

We will be putting the rafts into the river at Curlwaa boat ramp on Saturday morning. The rafts will travel downstream to the boat ramp near the Wentworth Hospital where they can be easily taken out of the river. Both boat ramps can be easily accessed in all weather conditions. The track to the campsite at Wentworth is sandy and should be reasonably accessible even if we get more rain.

See you at the hall at 6pm and we can pack and all travel out together.

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