Feb 2, 2010

2010 Starts Now

You survived 2009, you made it through Jamboree! It's time to get started in 2010.

Scouts starts officially tomorrow night (3rd February). It's the first night of the month, so wear full uniform please.

A huge thanks to all the scouts and their families who came into the hall last Wednesday and helped unpack, clean and hang out the mouldy tents from Jamboree.  The tents have been baking in the hot hall for a week now and all the mould should be dead now. One of the first things we will be doing is folding up the tents and finding a place for them to be stored until our shed is fixed.

While we had so many families present (captive) last Wednesday, after unpacking the tents, we explained to them that 5th Mildura Scouts really would benefit from having a Parent Committee. We are one of the largest Scout Troops in the District, yet we are the only Scout Group that does not have a committee. We have already had few nominations to fill some of the key roles on the committee, but we still need more involvement to get this working. We need a committee for things like fundraising (BBQ's, raffle), working bees, general cleaning roster, building improvements, shed construction, etc). There will be a handout tomorrow night inviting all parents to attend the first committee meeting at 8:30pm, during Scouts, the following week (Wednesday 10th February). We believe that the less time the leaders spend taking care of things that a committee should be doing, the more time we have available to plan and organise great scout nights and events!

Our Group Leader Max Mallenaffer and Group Secretary / Treasurer Alison Love do an amazing job behind the scenes keeping 5th Mildura Scouts running so smoothly. Thanks Max and Alison.

And Max, I hope your broken leg is coming good, as too do the rest of the leaders and scouts!

The big event for term 1 is the Raft Regatta. This will be held from Friday afternoon 5th to Sunday afternoon 7th March. Put these dates in your calendar (or subscribe to our calendar and let it appear magically in Outlook).

Steve won't be at Scouts tomorrow night because he is working for LEDA in ARGENTINA.

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