Oct 6, 2009


Jamboree Of The Air (JOTA) Jamboree Of The Internet (JOTI).

Yes, it is on again! Come in and talk to the world! This is an international day for Scouts & Guides! Where people use whatever means to make contact with people on the other side of the planet!

Where: Nichols Point Scout Centre
Date: 17th – 18th October
Time: 12 pm Saturday to 2 pm Sunday
Bring: Food & Drinks (Cooking facilities available) Bedding and sleeping gear if staying overnight $1 for a badge, plus a little extra $$ if you want pizza for tea
Wear: Uniform
Laptops: If you wish to bring your own laptops, that is fine, we can set them up on the day

On the day as you enter the hall There will be lots of activities running. We’ll also have the amateur radios operating! This event is fully supervised for the whole time. Any questions please contact;

Steven Munro
5th Mildura Scouts
Scout Leader

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