Sep 5, 2009

Cohen Shield Camp Information

Location of Activity: Tapio Station (Holland’s Lake section – See map below).

Dates of Activity: Meet at Hall at 6pm on Friday, September 11th. Travel out together.

Cost: $35.00 (includes food). Pay this Wednesday night please.

Transport Arrangements:
To Camp: Car Pooling, meet at hall on Friday night at 6pm for departure by 6:30pm (Arrange car pooling on Wendesday night or email me now). I (John) will be leaving Mildura at 9:30pm on Friday night and have 2 spare seats available for those with other commitments earlier on Friday evening.

From Camp: Parents may arrive at Tapio Station from 1pm on Sunday. Final presentation and flag down, clean up and departure to follow. The campsite must be completely packed up and clean before any Scouts can leave.

Uniform: Scouts need to wear their scarves when travelling to and from the activity.

Catering: Included in cost of camp. (Bring your own snacks if required).

Gear: Mess kit (eating gear in a bag), toiletries, drink bottle, hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, good shoes (no thongs or Crocs), torch, sleeping bag and mattress (NO SWAGS as Scouts will be in group tents). All gear must be clearly marked with the owner's name. No responsibility will be taken for any lost property.

Directions: To be read with the map.
1. Coming from Mildura, turn right into Hollands Lake Road.
2. Turn left into Reserve Road East, cross channel and immediately turn right onto a dirt road alongside the channel. Look for the big Scout camp sign.
3. Take right hand fork and follow the fence. Look for a small Scout camp sign. Follow the main track for approx 3.5km.
4. Open and close the gate. Most important. Follow the main track for approximately 750m. Look for a small Scout camp sign.
5. Turn across dirt bridge over channel. Go straight ahead for approximately 600m. Look for a small Scout camp sign.
6. Turn lef across the flat. look for a white chemical drum marking the camp site. Choose your camp site around the flat.

Any queries or problems ring Noel on 0428 276 335. On night of camp call on UHF channel 12. If you are unsure, please ring or call rather than risk getting lost.

Campsite @-34.03824,142.112945
(This GPS point was determined by transposing the hand drawn map onto Google Maps and has not been confirmed by Noel).

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Cohen Shield Map 2009 - TAPIO Holland Lake0001

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Cohen Shield Directions 2009 - TAPIO Holland Lake0001

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