Aug 20, 2009

Cohen Shield 2009 - Competition Camp

Location of Activity:
Tapio Station (Holland’s Lake section – Maps will be provided).

Dates of Activity:
Meet at Hall at 6pm on Friday, September 11th. Travel out together. Cost: $35.00 (includes food).

Transport Arrangements:
Car Pooling
Parents to pick up from Tapio Station at 1pm on Sunday, September 13th.

Scouts need to wear their scarves when travelling to and from the activity.

Included in cost of camp. (Bring your own snacks if required).

Mess kit (eating gear in a bag), toiletries, drink bottle, hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, good shoes (no thongs or Crocs), torch, sleeping bag and mattress (NO SWAGS as Scouts will be in group tents). All gear must be clearly marked with the owner's name. No responsibility will be taken for any lost property.

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