Aug 20, 2009


No.1 - Bunnings BBQ.

5th Mildura Scouts have a Bunnings BBQ on Sunday, 6th September. This is unfortunately on the same day and at the same time as the Scrapheap Challenge. (We promise to take lots of photos and video so you don’t miss out).

This is an excellent fundraiser, but we need some help to run it. Please let one of the leaders know if you can spare an hour or two, or email me at

The BBQ starts at 9am and finishes by 3pm.

So far, we have only one family that has volunteered to help, but they can’t do it alone!

No.2 - Scrapheap Challenge Construction.

Parents With Technical Skills Needed.
·Welding (essential)
·Metalwork, etc.

Scrapheap Challenge - Construction Day No.1.
·Meet at Roundagain at 10am on Saturday 22nd August. (This Saturday!)
·Discuss what we are going to build. Have a plan for the following weekend.
·Ideally we would like to have 2 entries. This would involve repairing and modifying last years “bike” plus making a new “bike” as there are almost 30 Scouts and only 5 seats per “bike”. Realistically we would be happy to have one functional “bike”.

Scrapheap Challenge - Construction Day No.2.
·Meet in Nigel’s workshop at Riverland Forklifts shed at say 2pm on Saturday 29th of August. (Nigel to confirm that this is OK).
·Everything needs to be completed on this day. Some time on the following Saturday (5th September), the day before the race, may also be required.
Scrapheap Challenge - Race Day.
·9:45am to 12pm on Sunday 6th September.
·Meet at K-Mark Carpark (at rear).
·Helmets must be worn.
·Full uniform.

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