Sunraysia District Scouts - Raft Building & Rafting at Apex Park Sand Bar - 9am, Saturday 13th March 2021

This year's Raft Regatta will be a one day rafting event (due to the forecast rain).  Activities start at 9am. Raft building until 12pm BBQ lunch (sausage and bread) provided. Raft after lunch into the afternoon. Sand sculpture competition. Tug of war competition. Life jackets will be provided (you can bring your own if you have one). Please bring the following. towel change of clothes snacks sunscreen drink bottle. This would be a great opportunity for any parents to hang around for the morning to help with raft building, we can always use more hands to help. See you at 9am at Apex Park. Look for the flag pole and on the downstream end of Apex sand bar. Wear your scout shirt and scarf.

Sunraysia District Raft Regatta Camping Cancelled Due to Rain Forecast - One Day Activity at Apex on Saturday

***ATTENTION SCOUTS***   Raft Regatta Camping has been cancelled due to rain being forecast for tomorrow. This is very disappointing but we can’t risk getting stuck in the riverbend with wet clay roads.   Instead we will be building rafts and rafting from Apex Park. Lunch will still be provided and Activities will start at 9am.  Life jackets will be provided, please bring towel, change of clothes, snacks, sunscreen and drink bottle. This would be a great opportunity for any parents to hang around for the morning to help with raft building, we can always use more hands to help. See you at 9am at Apex Park. Parents please comment on Facebook so I know you have seen this post and are not going to turn up at the hall tonight.

Raft Regatta March 12-14th, 2021

Meet at the Hall at 6:30pm to travel down to Nangiloc together. (A map will be posted when i can find the link.) Parents and Carers collect Scouts from the same camp site on Sunday at Lunch time for flag break and to assist with pack up. Parents are then required to return to the hall to assist with unpacking the trailer. Scouts need to bring: Swag/sleeping bag/pillow/stretcher or mat. Dilly bag/ Mess kit with plate/bowl/cup/cutlery/tea towel camp chair 2+ pairs of enclosed shoes; 1 pair to wear in the river, 1 pair to keep for dry. (you will not want wet feet all day.) NO THONGS 2 hats with wide brims, just in case you lose one in the river. 2 sets of dry clothes, including warm clothes for night. Clothes need to be old as will not return home in the same state. plastic bags to put wet clothes and shoes in; towel to dry off with; Water bottle - fresh water provided torch; Sunscreen - Parents make sure you have spoken to your Scout about being sun smart. Leaders will remind and prompt

Scouts: Term 1 Program, 2021


Raft Regatta 2020

Location of Activity: Buxton's Bend, Nangiloc / Colignan Dates of Activity: 6:30pm Friday 28/2/20 to 1:30pm Sunday 1/3/20 Cost: $0.00 (self-cater) Must have a pre-made, non-cooking lunch for Saturday. Transport Arrangements: Depart Scout Hall, 6:30pm Friday. Car Pooling Return: Pickup from Buxton's Bend at 1:30pm Sunday See Google Map below. Scouts need only scarf to travel to and from activity. There will be swimming. We provide life jackets. BYO if you like. The leader in Charge of Activity: TBA Emergency Contact During Activity: Steven Munro 0499777692 & Your Scout Leader Personal Gear Memory Jog (not exhaustive) hat, wide-brimmed (take a spare also). No hat = no activity water shoes or old sneakers sunscreen rashie or T-shirt for water towels mess kit/camp stove toiletries dry clothes dry shoes (this often is forgotten) life jacket if you prefer to use your own. We will take our 5th Mildura life jackets. warm clothes for evenings All gear

Scouts Tonight 13 November 2019 - Merbein Common Archaeological Walk.

Meet on Wentworth Road, in front of the Merbein Cemetery. Pick-up from the same location. Parents welcome to stay and come for a walk. Torch, drink bottle, warm clothes, walking shoes.

5th Mildura Scout Group, Term 3 Program, 2019

Week 1 – Mon 15 July – Ice Skating (Group Night) Week 1 – Wed 17 July – Troop Council (PL’s and APL’s only) Week 2 – Monday 22 July – Grey Wolf Presentation: Carla Harriss (Scouts invited to attend). Week 2 – Wed 24 July – Apollo 11 Night (games, quiz, trivia, fun facts). Week 3 – Wed 31 July – Roller Skating, Sun City Rollerama. 55 The Crescent, Mildura. Week 3 – Thursday 4 July – Scarf Day Week 4 – Thurs 8 August, 6:30pm – Scouts in Action Month ‘Water Aerobics at Waves’. Week 5 – Wed 14 August – Plan for District Troop Camp (write note, plan format, menu, set badge work goals, program). Week 6 – Wed 21 August – First Aid (Mock Emergency). Training for 1 hour. Mock Emergency 1 hour. Week 7 – Wed 28 August – Father’s Day Night Week 8 – Wed 4 Sept – Packing for camp. (Check menus, gear list, etc). Week 8 – Thursday 5 Sept – Shopping in Patrols or Troop. District Troop Camp (District Event) - 6-8 September – Little Manl