Jul 18, 2016

Scouts at Cubs Tonight for Linking

Scouts will be attending Cubs Monday night 18/7/16 from 6-8:30pm for Cubs linking to Scouts. (No Scouts on Wednesday night this week). Full uniform. Also wear something warm as we will be outside around a campfire. Bring your singing voices.

Jun 8, 2016

Scout Hike 2016

Congratulations Maddie, Thomas, Sienna, Gretel, Georgie for achieving Gold Award at Scout Hike. Thanks to ASL Julian for giving these Scouts this opportunity.

Bike Hike Congratulations from District Scout Leader - Steven Munro

Congratulations to all who pedaled their bike for the 2016 Sunraysia District Bike Hike 2016.
Those who stayed on their bike for the entire ride, you did 40km (you can add 20km to your km's hiked badge in the back of your book)
Below are the tracks from my GPS on the bike. Red is Day 1 (20km), Yellow is Day 2 (10km)
If anyone has any good photos be sure to post them here so we all can see!
Great area to camp/ride around, pity the track was a little heavy, but great to see so many Scouts keep on pushing through!

Big thanks to all the helpers and everyone involved in organizing the track.

Steven Munro
District Leader - Scouts

Jun 1, 2016

Scouts :: Oasis Stargazers Astronomy Club, Wednesday 1 June 2016

Tonight (01.06.16) we will be meeting with the Oasis Stargazers Astronomy Club.

When: 7pm - 9pm (Parents welcome to stay).
Uniform: Please wear you scout uniform and a warm jacket / jumper / beanie. Bring a drink bottle.
Where: Sunraysia Gliding Club
How to Get There:
Follow the Sturt Highway (A20 - Deakin Avenue) south out of Mildura towards Mildura Airport.There is a continuation of Deakin Ave on the right hand bend before the airport turnoff. Turn left off the Sturt Hwy and continue south along Deakin Ave to the intersection of Twenty First St. There is a dirt track about 500 meters long that will take you into the glider field.

May 30, 2016

Cubs, I also need to confirm numbers for our 'Tee Off' night at the House of Golf Driving Range, (Ontario Ave). We have had to change the night to Wednesday 8th June, (because the Driving Range closes early Monday nights). There is no additional cost, just $2 Subs. Start time - 6.30pm, Pack Council at 6pm for Sixers and Seconders first. Please indicate on the sheet tonight if cub is coming. Thanks again.

May 29, 2016

Cubs, please remember to bring your health forms and $15 tomorrow night, for sleepover next weekend. The Hunting Shere Khan Scavenger Hunt on Saturday is a District event, the sleepover and Centenary Garden is a 5th Mildura event. I need to confirm numbers for the Mildura Homestead and also with council for the garden planting. There will be a sheet on the table tomorrow night to indicate cub availability. Thanks in advance. 😀

May 11, 2016

Their Service Our Heritage

Cubs, we will be doing our Jott Jungle Night Hike next Monday night (16th May) , meeting at Chaffey Park Merbein (Merbein Lookout) 6pm. We will not be linking with scouts then.
We will also be handing out notes for our 'BIG WEEKEND', (Shere Khan Scavenger Hunt Saturday 4th June, Mildura Homestead Sleepover Saturday night and Planting our Centenary Garden Bed Sunday morning 5th June)  

Scouts Tonight:11th May 2016

If you have a camp stove and small fry pan, please bring it. We are going to cook pancakes on camp stoves outside. We will also be putting up our new tents. Plus some basic first aid. REMEMBER your green book. See you all tonight.

Apr 18, 2016

Deakin Avenue Memorial Walk

On Wednesday 20th April, we are meeting at the Scout Hall at 7:00pm. Please wear the uniform shirt and scarf as we are out in public. Bring you green books and a pen. Drink bottle and warm jumper. Parents to pick up their Scouts at the Great Australian Ice Creamery at 9:00pm. Bring a few dollars for an ice cream if you want. Parent helpers required please.

Sunraysia District Scout Skating Night 2016

When: Wednesday, May 18th, 2016
Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Cost: $8.00 (inc. skate/blade hire) Snacks and drinks extra.

Scouts need to wear scarves only, uniform not required. Scouts will need to be dropped off and picked up from the skate rink:
55 The Crescent, Mildura.

Mar 20, 2016

Baloo's Picinic Melbourne Zoo

Thanks so much Baloo (Mel) Jack and Annie, Cheere, Belinda, Kate, Katie and Paul. Sounds like you all had fun.  My tired Cub Scout got up at 1pm and went back to bed at 5.30pm! Not sure when she will wake up!
Thanks again, our Volunteers are so important to our Group.

Mar 9, 2016

Scouts Tonight: 09.03.16

Hike postponed until cooler weather. Scouts at the hall tonight. More badge work, games, ice cones.

Feb 20, 2016

Raft Regatta 2016

Location of Activity: Buxton's Bend, Nangiloc / Colignan
Dates of Activity: 26/2/16 to 28/2/16
Cost: $0.00 (self-cater)

THEME: Battleships - Dress Up and decorate your raft!

Must have a pre-made, non-cooking lunch for Saturday.

Transport Arrangements:
Depart: Scout Hall, 6:30pm. Car Pooling
Return: Pickup from Buxton's Bend at 1:30pm
See Google Map below.
Scouts need only scarf to travel to and from activity.

There will be swimming.

Leader in Charge of Activity: Steven Munro, Sunraysia District Scout Leader / Alcheringa Scout Leader
Emergency Contact During Activity: John Loughhead 0477175911

Personal Gear Memory Jog (not exhaustive)

  • hat, wide brimmed (take a spare also). No hat = no activity
  • water shoes or old sneakers
  • sunscreen
  • rashie or T-shirt for water
  • towels
  • mess kit / camp stove
  • toiletries
  • dry clothes
  • dry shoes (this often is forgotten)
  • life jacket if you prefer to use your own. We will take our 5th Mildura life jackets.
  • warm clothes for evenings
  • All gear must be clearly marked with the owner's name. No responsibility will be taken for any lost property.
Shoes, Life Jacket, Hat, T-Shirt and Water Bottle are compulsory while on the raft!

Tents / Sleeping

  • BYO if you want to. We will also take a couple of the large 5th Mildura tents.
  • no Scout to sleep alone - everyone to share a tent with someone.
  • sleeping bag
  • roll out mattress
  • swags not recommended as they tak up too much space inside small tents.

This is to be treated as a mid-weight camp. There will be a BBQ this year for anyone who wants to use it. I will also have an esky for storage of perishable items for everyone. There will not be a kitchen tent or hot water. Scouts will be required to organise, pack, and setup their camp. They will also have to cook /arrange their meals. Leaders / Parents will be there to help and supervise.

Remember, if it is a day of TOTAL FIRE BAN, you will not be allowed to cook anything!


Map to Raft Regatta camp site. (Use controls on map to zoom in and out).

View Larger Map
Download the Health Form here!

Feb 17, 2016

Scouts: Water Safety Tonight 17/02/16

We are doing Water Safety tonight at Irymple pool from 7-9pm.

Depending whether you are doing Pioneer, Explorer or Adventurer level Water Safety, the required gear may differ. Please refer to your Scout Record Book (Green Book).

5th Mildura Scouts is paying the entrance fee of Scouts by cheque, so if you're first there, please let them know.

Parent helpers always welcome!!

Feb 3, 2016

Welcome back to Scouts at 5th Mildura for 2016..!!!!!

Welcome back to Scouts at 5th Mildura for 2016..!!!!!

Scouts Tonight (3rd February 2016) - We are getting wet tonight playing water based baseball. Wear water shoes / sneakers you don't mind getting wet, clothes to get wet in, towel, change of clothes. Wear scarf to Scouts.

Jamboree Scouts: Please wear one of your Jamboree shirts. We will have a bit of a show and tell about AJ tonight.

See you all at 7pm.

Jan 18, 2016

Scouts Recommences for 2016

First night of Scouts for 2016 will be on Wednesday 3rd February. 7-9pm. See you there.

Attention PL's & APL's: Troop Council will be held at McDonald's Deakin Avenue at 2pm on Sunday, 31st January. Please pass on the message.

Happy New Year! John