Oct 13, 2014

Jamboree of the Air / Jamboree of the Internet (JOTA / JOTI) 2014

Sunraysia District Scouts presents
This international Scouting & Guiding event is on again. It is this time of the year where the entire world of Scouts and Guides get together to meet just as you would at a Jamboree camp, except using the wonders of technology to cross the distance.

The Important Information

Where: Nichols Point Scout Centre
When: 18th & 19th October
Time: 12:30pm Saturday until Sunday lunch.
Uniform: Yes
What to Bring: If staying, food, bedding and clothes. (Cooking equipment available).
A Health Form is required if you are staying overnight.
Maybe a notepad.
Laptops: Bring them if you wwish, however, school issued notepads can be tricky to set up.
Cost: Badges $3.
Pizza + Garlic Bread + Can of Drink = $10 (will order 6:30pm Saturday night).

Communication Activities this Year:
  • Amateur Radio
  • IRC Chat
  • Teamspeak
  • Skype
  • Plus extra activities
Things to Do:
  • Make new internaational friends
  • Swap badges
  • Learn new skills
  • Take part in the competitions
How to Prepare:
  • Think up a sensible username.
  • If you have an email address, remember the password.
  • Go to www.jotajoti.org and register.
JOTA & JOTI is supported by the Sunraysia Radio Group www.sunradio.org.au
For more information about JOTA / JOTI contact:
Steven Munro - District Leader, Scouts

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