Aug 7, 2014

Scout Prayer 6 August - 100 Year Anniversary of the Outbreak of WW1

Rainbow of Candles

red – the colour of blood, we remember all those who have been injured in fighting or war.

orange – the colour of bright orange jackets worn so that people can be seen, while they work to look after people who are in danger, we remember fire-fighters and ambulance teams

yellow – sometimes people tie a yellow ribbon to welcome people home, we remember those who are missing a member of their family who is away from home at the moment.
green – the colour of camouflage clothes, we remember those who are serving our country today.

blue – the colour of the caps of the peacekeeping forces, we remember those working for peace.

indigo – a sad colour, we remember those who are sad because of the past.

violet – a royal colour, we remember kings and queens and politicians as they rule our countries.

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