Jul 23, 2014

Prayer for MH17

Dear Lord,

Thank you for our night here at Scouts; we are very thankful that we live in a country that is at peace and that we are safe to participate in our daily lives without fear of war.

Tonight Lord we remember the 298 victims of the Malaysian Airline that has been shot down in Ukraine. We think of those people on board who were innocent victims and had nothing to do with the war that has cost them their lives. We remember also that many of these innocent people were only children, children who deserved to live long, happy lives.

Lord we ask you to please be with the families of those who have died- may they feel your comfort;

please be with the authorities from Australia and around the world as they work to return the victims remains to their home countries;

And Lord please help all of those who are fighting the war in the Ukraine, to find a peaceful solution and to stop the bloodshed.

Through Jesus' name we pray,

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