May 24, 2014

Grampians Hike 2014 (Updated 28.05.14)

Sunraysia District Scouts
Grampians Hike 2014
The Grampians Hike Camp from Friday 6th to Monday 9th of June will unfold as follows.
We will be camping at Roy Keller’s block at Wartook (north-western end of the Grampians).
Glenisla-Rosebrook Road, Wartook.

Leader in Charge: Noel Whitchurch 0428276335
First Aid Officer: Sharon Simmons
Irymple: John Lauder 0408596014
2nd Mildura: Roy Keller
5th Mildura Leader: John Loughhead 0477175911

Friday 6/6/09:
Meet after 6:00pm at the Bus Depot (Bathurst Court, off Cowra Avenue).
Depart Mildura at 6:30pm.
Arrive Grampians at approximately 11:00pm.
Set up camp and get to bed by midnight.

Saturday 7/6/09:
Prepare own breakfast. (Prepare and pack own lunch in morning).
Day Hike (Packed lunch).
Return to camp.
Prepare own dinner.

Sunday 8/6/09:
Prepare own breakfast. (Prepare and pack own lunch in morning).
Day Hike (Packed lunch).
Shower at Cooinda Scout Camp.
Return to camp.
Prepare own dinner.

Monday 9/6/09:
Prepare own breakfast. (Prepare and pack own lunch in morning or have lunch money).
Morning in Halls Gap. (Packed lunch, or buy lunch).
Depart Halls Gap
Arrive Mildura at the Bus Depot (Bathurst Court, off Cowra Avenue).
Parents will be contacted by phone / SMS / Facebook to confirm time of arrival.
All to help clean out and wash the bus.

The hikes will generally keep to the tourist tracks. We will NOT be hiking for 3 days carrying all our gear.

The Scouts will only need to carry their own snacks, water bottle and lunch. This will be a self-catered trip, so you will need to pack main meals for each day. Everything needs to be fairly small and light-weight as it all must be contained in your pack / bag. This is because everyone's gear, food, etc. must fit in the luggage space under the bus.

As for gear, you will need reasonable hiking shoes, boots or sandshoes, wet weather gear, warm clothing, hat, etc.

Meals for Each Scout to Provide:
Breakfast x 3
Lunch. 2 x packed + you provide or buy lunch in Halls Gap on Monday. (3 x lunches).
Dinner x 2.
Snacks for travelling & hiking.

Seats Are Still Available
If you want to take part in this trip, payment of $100 is required ASAP. Payment can be made at Scouts. Scouts, Venturers, Rovers, Leaders and Parents are all welcome to come along.

What Do You Need to Pack? (Not exhaustive).

·          Scout Shirt & Scout Scarf
·          Hiking shoes, boots or sandshoes.
·          Spare pair of enclosed shoes for camp.
·          Clean underwear for 4 days.
·          Warm clothing with the ability to add or remove layers. 
·          Pajamas.
·          Wide brimmed hat.
·          Gloves, beanie, scarf.
·          Rain poncho / garbage bag with head hole / spray jacket. (Very important).

·          Bag (All your gear to be packed in one bag).
·          Torch
·          Small plastic trowel to dig hole for toilet.
·          1 x roll of toilet paper.
·          Towel (small). For shower on Sunday afternoon.
·          Toiletries (soap, toothbrush, toothpaste).
·          Tent (share with a friend or borrow a small Scout tent).
·          Gas hike camp stove. (If you haven’t got one, share a friend’s).
·          Roll up mattress.
·          Sleeping bag (-5°C Recommended. Or bring an extra blanket.) NO SWAGS (This is a HIKE camp).
·          Camp blanket (optional)
·          Pillow (optional).
·          Cooking equipment & utensils.
·          Dilly bag (Plate, bowl, mug, knife, spoon, fork, tea towel, small container of dish washing liquid).
·          Small day pack to carry lunch, water bottle and jacket. (Hiking back packs NOT required).
·          Water bottle.

·          Breakfast
o    Powdered milk / cereal / fruit / baked beans / etc.
·          Lunch (to be packed in the morning – no cooking at lunch).
o    Crackers / tinned tuna / muesli bars / fruit / cheese / biscuits / etc.
·          Dinner
o    Tinned soup / packet pasta / 2 minute noodles / Rice / Pasta / fruit / etc.
·          Supper
o    Milo / tea bags / sugar / biscuits / cake / etc.
·          Snacks
o    Trail mix / muesli bars / fruit / biscuits / etc.

Do Not Bring
·          Nuts

Please label all gear with your Scouts name. We are not responsible for any lost property.

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