Feb 17, 2013

Mildura 5th Scouts News - Term 1, 2013

Welcome to a new term at scouts. Troop Council have met and planned the first term last week and discussed the following points:

·         Scout nights will go from 7-9pm from now on, we will start on time and will try extra hard this term to finish in time too. :)
·         Scouts are required to wear FULL uniform at the first meet of each month, (full uniform means shirt, scarf, scout belt, green book, neat pants or shorts (bone coloured or navy) and neat shoes (preferable black).
·         On all other nights scouts wear their uniform shirt, scarf and green book OR their red ‘5th Mildura shirt’ with scarf and green book. We will be giving patrol points to scouts wearing correct requirements.
·         At all excursions away from the scout hall scouts should wear FULL uniform.

·         We will be screen-printing the ‘5th Mildura’ red scout shirts this term. Please send along a red plain shirt (preferable with a collar) for your scout to screen print.
·         Scouts will run even better with more parent helpers, we really need Parent Helpers. Near the front door, at the scout hall, is a roster. If you can help out, put your name on it on the days you are available.
·         We would like to encourage all parents to get a Working With Children Card. It is free, just pick up the form at the post office. (parents helpers have to have one)
·         Stay connected through our website/blog (http://5thmildura.blogspot.com.au/)  and facebook site (https://www.facebook.com/groups/5thmildura/
·         As recommended in the Scouts Australia Digital guidelines, leaders are discouraged to become ‘friends’ on Facebook with scouts. Link to Scouts Australia Digital Guidelines: http://www.scouts.com.au/main.asp?iStoryID=1926
·         Scouts can login to MyScout on the Scouts Victoria website, to excess more information (and much more soon). (http://www.vicscouts.com.au/)

 Yours in scouting,
Sheridan, John, Steven and Maaike

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