Oct 6, 2010

VG - Vic Gathering :: December 3 to 5

The Vic Gathering is an event run specifically for Victorian Venturers.Guides are very welcome also to attend. The objective of the Gathering isto provide a fun weekend to help the Venturers, Guides, Rovers andLeaders unwind at the end of a busy year. Venturers also attend from otherstates of Australia. Venturers and Guides are aged between fourteen andeighteen years.
The Vic Gathering is run by the Yarra Valley Region Venturer Council, withsupport from the Leaders and Rovers. VG takes place on the first weekendof December each year.
VG is a standing camp with booking in commencing at 6.00 pm Friday andmost activities getting under way by 9.30 pm. Venturers and Guides aregenerally required to be self sufficient for the weekend, however a canteenis provided for those who do not wish to prepare their own meals.
Normally we have approximately 800 to 1000 Venturers and Guides, plus afurther 300 Rovers and Leaders on-site for the weekend.
The venue of the Gathering changes every two years so you will have tokeep up to date with the Interchange magazine for venue details.
The activities, canteen and some displays will be operating around theclock starting from 9.30 pm on the Friday 3rd December to 12.00 pm onSunday 5th December. Final parade is on Sunday at 1.00 pm.
Some of the activities that will be on site include, abseiling, archery, 500cards, frat tents, iron person event, jelly wrestling, battle of the bands,screen printing, water activities, films/videos and many more.
This is a fantastic way to finish the year with a fun packed weekend ofactivities, socialising, and meeting new and old friends.

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