Feb 3, 2010

Hola! Hello from Argentina


Hello from Argentina

I hope everyone has returned safe from holidays, and Jamboree for those who attended.
After I got back from Jamboree I worked for a week then I jumped on a plane to Argentina.
This was a 13 hour flight + the flight from Mildura to Melbourne then Melbourne to Sydney, so I'm kinda over flying. Althought I watched a few new movies like "Cloudy with a chance of meatballs" and "Zombieland".

The weather here in Vernado Tuerto (a small city about 400km from Buenos Aires) is normally about 20-30 but with about 70-80% humidity. Makes for very sweaty work.
We work normal hours 7-6, however we are 13 hours behind you. For example, 1pm here would be 2am in Mildura.
The culture is work, go home and have a little sleep, then have tea from 9:30pm on. This has taken a bit of getting used to. There is very little open to get a meal from between 6 and 9 pm. After that the place just goes off! People everywhere. Everyone rides scooters and motorbike. The road rules exist but people just do as they please, making a 2 lane road, 3 cars wide quite ok, no one worries.
The food is good, excellent beef. ANd i hate to say it, while Australian Beef is good, the beef here is better! OR at least they know how to cook it better. Massive 1" thick steak, cook without burning, but the meat is so tender it melts in your mouth.
Oh we had McDonalds, it cost $82 peso ( it is about 3.3 peso to $1 AUS)

Spanish is a language that everyone should know. So my advice, if you get the chance to learn it, do it! THen you can use it in Argentina, Spain, Chile, Mexico, also if you know Spanish you could also understand Portugese, Italian and Latin. All based around the system

Ok well I better go off to work and build this harvester. I have attached a few photos.

Take care and I will see you all in a few weeks..


Steve's Hotel

View from Hotel

The LEDA Harvester

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