Nov 5, 2009

Rover Camp (Mud, mud, mud)

OK camp is on. We are meeting at the hall at 6pm Friday night. I will not be there, but John will be and you can all meet and car pool from there.
Pickup Sunday will be 1:30pm from Camp.

A few things to remember.

You Must Have;

* A hat (wide brim preffered)
* Covered Shoes at all times (in and out of the water)
* Eating Utentsils
* Shirts with sleeves, no singlets allowed
* Old clothes for mud activities
* Spare dry set/s of clothes
* Uniform

Things you may wish to bring;

* Life Jacket
* A shirt to screen print
* 2 towels (old ones that can get a bit dirty)

Things you don't need to bring;

* Tents
* Cooking Gear
* Food

Steven Munro
5th Mildura Scouts
Scout Leader
0439 369 163

Directions to Rover Camp

View Rover Camp in a larger map

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