Nov 26, 2009

Mock Emergency Night - Wednesday 2 December, 2009.

Next week (2nd December) we are having a mock emergency night. This
will be conducted at the St.John's depot near Lock 11.

Meet at the Lock 11 carpark at 7:15pm for a 7:30pm sharp start.
Finishing time will still be 9:30pm.

Please wear your scarves, and bring a drink bottle.

Nov 12, 2009

Nov 10, 2009

Mallee Rover Camp 2009 - Video Compilation by Rick Tomlinson

Rover Camp Photos (November 2009) by Rick Tomlinson

Full resolution images can be downloaded by clicking on the "I" in the centre of the slideshow, then clicking on "View Photo Page". That takes you to Flickr where the full resolution images are stored. Above each photo in Flickr is a button called "All Sizes". If you click on the "All Sizes" button you are then given the choice to download a thumbnail, small, medium, large or original version of the photo. For those with blogs who would like to create similar slideshows on your blogs, I use My Flicker user name is jloughhead. The Scout photos are collated in named sets for easy selection. This slideshow is 450x450.

Nov 5, 2009

Rover Camp (Mud, mud, mud)

OK camp is on. We are meeting at the hall at 6pm Friday night. I will not be there, but John will be and you can all meet and car pool from there.
Pickup Sunday will be 1:30pm from Camp.

A few things to remember.

You Must Have;

* A hat (wide brim preffered)
* Covered Shoes at all times (in and out of the water)
* Eating Utentsils
* Shirts with sleeves, no singlets allowed
* Old clothes for mud activities
* Spare dry set/s of clothes
* Uniform

Things you may wish to bring;

* Life Jacket
* A shirt to screen print
* 2 towels (old ones that can get a bit dirty)

Things you don't need to bring;

* Tents
* Cooking Gear
* Food

Steven Munro
5th Mildura Scouts
Scout Leader
0439 369 163

Directions to Rover Camp

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