Jun 22, 2009

Patrol Activity Camp :: THIS WEEKEND !!!

Location of Activity :: Steve's Bend (Near Trentham Cliffs)
Dates of Activiy: 27/06/09 to 28/06/09
Cost: $0.00 (Check that your patrol has got food organised.

Transport Arrangements:
Depart: Scout Hall, 2:00pm Saturday. Car Pooling
Return: Pickup from Steve's Bend at 2:00pm Sunday.
Scouts need to wear their scarves when travelling to and from the activity.

Refer to the handout for the gear list.

All gear must be clearly marked with the owner's name. No responsibility will be taken for any lost property.

Each patrol has to cater for themselves, so check with your patrol leaders about catering. (Dinner and supper Saturday, breakfast and lunch on Sunday plus snacks).

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