May 11, 2009

Triple H Night :: (Hutcheon, Horsfall and Herrmann)

This Wednesday at Scouts is Triple H Night hosted by Sarah H, Emily H and Kate H. The night will include lots of fun activities such as... The 'Em' n 'Em' game, 'Guess the lollies in the jar' and 'Awww, weren't we cute!'.

Could everyone please bring a baby photo of themselves for the 'Awww, weren't we cute!' game. Write your name on the back and then put the photo in an envelope, so that no-one else can see that the photo is yours.

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  1. Just thought I'd leave a random comment! :) Yay. When I first read the title of this, I thought Liam was helping, not Emily. Then I clicked. Oops! :P