Jul 24, 2017

Parents Meeting - Wednesday night (26th July) at 7pm

Hello all,

This Wednesday night (26th July) at 7pm we are having Parent Meeting at the Hall in the room at the back. All parents are welcome. At the moment a small band of 3 or 4 parents are running the group. This is not enough. We have meetings every other month. Please come along

Support your child by helping run our Scout Group.

Alanie Sleep
5th Mildura Scout Group

Jul 20, 2017

Term 3 Scout Program 2017 (low tech version)

Sunraysia District Scout Hike 2017 - 28th - 30th July

The District Hike is only ONE WEEK away, we need to get those not on CareMonkey signed up and their profiles completed.

Friday 28th July at 7:00pm (on Yelta Rd, 29km past Meridian Road) to Sunday 30th June at 1pm (Deadman's Track, 15km down Yelta Road). We shall meet at our hall at 6pm and head out together in cars. 

Scouts will be self-catering so need to plan their menu and bring all required food. Water will be available to fill up drink bottles. Cooking equipment and tents can be shared with friends .Bring warm sleeping gear as it will be VERY cold. Bring an extra blanket!

For more information call John on 0477175911 or check out our Facebook group for the ongoing discussion about everything 5th Mildura.

New Scouts and Scout with less than 12 months experience: Hike with a day pack. (Clothes, lunch, snacks and water). Cooking equipment, bedding, food, and tent does not need to be carried.

Older and more experienced Scouts:

Hike with full pack. (Clothes, food and water, cooking equipment, bedding and tent. Sharing of tent components, cooking equipment, etc. would be a good idea. (Refer to maximum pack weight on the Camping and Hiking Information sheets).

Water and gear not carried by Scouts will be carried by support vehicles. Water bottle refills will be available during the day.

I recommend, unless the Scout has a very good, light weight, hike sleeping bag, additional blankets should be carried by the support vehicle. The support vehicle will deliver the extra blankets and camping gear (for younger Scouts) to the Saturday night camp, then again to the Sunday finishing point.