Nov 18, 2015

Scouts Tonight 18th Nov.

Investiture, Presentation, Catapult Construction, Water Projectiles. Uniform and something else that can get wet. 

Nov 11, 2015

Scouts Tonight: ICE BLOCKING

Pick up and drop off at the park between Jaycee Park and the a bowling club on the sloping lawn (Cureton Avenue). Wear water clothes and shoes. We have an enormous 60kg ice block for sliding down the hill. 

Nov 3, 2015

ROVER CAMP - CALL FOR HELP AT PACK UP (All Troops in the District)

As everyone is aware, Rover Camp is a huge production, put on by local Rovers and Scout Leaders. The camp takes at least a week to set up. We need your help to dismantle the campsite, pack trailers and transport these trailers back to the Nichols Point Scout Centre.

We (the Scout Leaders) are asking for 2 parents from each Troop to stay on-site from 1pm until the camp is fully dismantled and all trailers are packed and ready to roll out. If we have sufficient helpers, this should be completed by 5 or 6pm. The more helpers we have, the earlier we can all go home (and collapse).

If some of the volunteers have vehicles capable of towing trailers back to Mildura, this would be of great help. 

We suggest that you come out to the camp, say hello to your Scout, then send them home with another family who will drop them home.

When you arrive at the campsite, please report to the kitchen tent where you will find Dave Macey, he will direct you in the pack-up. 

Please comment below if you are able to assist us on the Sunday afternoon.

Many thanks. ⚜