May 11, 2015

Sunraysia District Scout Hike - Directions to Base Camp

Directions to base camp of the Sunraysia District Scout Hike.

Turn right from Silver City Highway, into Fletchers Lake Road (just before Dareton). Travel 11.8km along Fletchers Lake Road. Turn right onto dirt track. This is marked by a concrete power pole, marked with fluorescent orange tape. Pass through the double gate, again marked with orange tape. Follow the track for 6.3km to the campsite. The track is marked with orange tape. The campsite is marked with an orange flag hanging in a tree. Set up camp in the scrub off the track.

Turn off into Tapio Station from Fletchers Lake Road, for the Sunraysia District Scout Hike. Remember to shut the gate behind you. 

Sunraysia District Scout Hike 2015