Sep 25, 2014

Cuboree 2014

With less than 4 days til we head off, I just wanted to remind everyone that the bus is leaving at 6.30am on Monday 29th September, from the Mildura Train Station.  That means you will need to have your Cubs there at 6.00am.

Cubs should bring 1 bag full of their clothes and sleeping bag.
                              1 back pack with their Cuboree Poncho, Sun Hat and Beanie, your coat, and anything you would like to bring to pass the time during our 8 hour bus trips!(no electronic devices or Lollies)
                                1 Pillow can be carried onto bus.

Other things you need to bring is a packet of biscuits if you have not already done so (I have all of 5th Mildura) A packed Lunch and up dated Medical forms, ONLY if anything has changed since your application was submitted or if you have a asthma or allergy plan.

Cuboree s a Nut free Camp and Bus trip!

On Friday we are expected to be at the Mildura Train Station at 3.40 pm. Times will be update on the Cuboree website.  If you click on the little red bus and enter you Cubs details you will find the expected arrival time.

Please feel free to contact Kerri via text or email if you have any further enquires.  We are unsure of mobile coverage while at the camp so if you don't hear from us we are having a GR8 time!!

Sep 3, 2014

Australian National Flag Day

Australian National Flag Day

Australian National Flag Day is an opportunity for individuals, community organisations, local authorities, businesses and schools to celebrate with pride the anniversary of the Australian National Flag.

Australian National Flag Day, proclaimed in 1996 as a national day, celebrates the first time the flag was flown on 3 September 1901. On that day Prime Minister Edmund Barton announced the winners of a competition to design a flag for Australia. A large flag, 5.5 metres by 11 metres, was flown over the dome of the Exhibition Building in Melbourne. At that time the flag was known as the Commonwealth blue ensign; later, the flag became known as the Australian National Flag.

All Australians are encouraged to fly or display the Australian National Flag to celebrate Australian National Flag Day on 3 September each year.

This and more information about National Flag Day is available from: