Jun 23, 2014

End of Term Bonfire, Cooking & Wide Game 7-9pm, Wednesday 25/6/14

We are having a bonfire to celebrate the end of Term 2 at Steve's Bend, Trentham Cliffs, NSW.

1. Warm clothing, Scout scarf, water bottle, torch.
2. Wide game skills.
3. Cooking skills
Term 3 will begin on 16th July 2014, 7:00pm.

Jun 19, 2014

The Fantastic Race 2014

Attention Scouts and Families:
We have been invited by Jaimie Rodd to participate in the Fantastic Race on Sat 9th & Sun 10th August, 2014 in Melbourne.
I am interested in some of our Scouts attending this two day event in Melbourne if I can get some parents help with transport, etc.
Scouts who have achieved their Red Cord are eligible to attend.
The cost of the event is $65 + Miki card + food money + share of fuel.
Scouts and parents (with cars), please register your interest on the 5th Mildura Scouts Facebook Group or talk to me.
Check out The Fantastic Race website for more details.

John Loughhead
Scout Leader - 5th Mildura

Jun 6, 2014

Scouts :: Movie Dress Up Night - Wednesday 11 June 2014

Next Wednesday on the 11th of June is going to be a movie night.

Dress up as your favourite movie or television show character.

We will be taking part in some acting activities.


Jun 4, 2014

Committee Meeting

Good afternoon all,
due to insufficient numbers we were unable to hold the last committee meeting.

A meeting has been scheduled for next Wednesday evening, the 11th of June, commencing at 7pm at the Hall.

All parents/carers are welcome and encouraged to attend these meetings. They are a vital part of the running of the 5th Mildura Group and we welcome all input into the important items which are discussed.

Please email all agenda items to me no later than Monday 9th.

Thank you.