Mar 31, 2014


Tickets for the Scouting Monster Raffle will be available from tonight onwards.
PLEASE make sure you fill out the ticket register for every book you take.
CLOSING date for ticket return is MAY 1st!
Happy selling!! :D

Mar 12, 2014

Cuboree Fundraising

5th Mildura Cub Scouts are holding a Garage Sale on Saturday the 22nd March at the Scout Hall.
Donations are welcome if any Cub, Scout, or Venturer families would like to clear out some unwanted stuff that we can sell in our Garage Sale please drop off to the Scout Hall on Monday or Wednesday night or Contact Kerri or Mel.
We want this to be our major Fundraising event so please support the Cubs.

Thanks to all those people who attended and helped out last Friday night "Cards for Cubs" was a great success raising over $370! 

Mar 11, 2014

Scouts :: Wednesday 12 March, 7pm - 9pm

Ultimate Frisbee Night
Aerodrome Ovals
Drop off at Park For Play at 7pm
Pick Up at park for Play at 9pm

Wear sports shoes.

2014 Raft Regatta - Pirate Theme

Activity: 2014 Raft Regatta - Pirate Theme

Location of Activity: Buxton's Bend, off Kulkyne Way, Colignan

Dates: Friday 21 March to Sunday 23 March

Cost: Nil - Self Catering in Patrols. Patrols will work out their menus at Scouts and each Scout will be responsible for a component of the menu. Bring your own small tent and share with at least one other Scout. Work out with your Patrol what you need to provide. One gas stove and a gas bottle will be provided to each Patrol.

Pirate Theme: Fly a pirate flag, wear pirate costumes, talk like a pirate, decorate your raft like a pirate ship! 

Health Form Due: Wednesday 19 March 2014.

Transport Arrangements:
Depart: Scout Hall at 6:30pm on Friday afternoon. Scouts and their families may arrange car pooling.
Return: Pick up from Camp at 1:30pm after lunch and camp site clean up.

Scouts need to wear their scarfe to and from camp.

Scouts who do not have a hat or shoes to wear in the water will be unable to participate, so make sure you have a spare.

Leader in Charge of Activity: John Lauder - 1st Irymple

Emergency Contact During Activity: John Loughhead - 5th Mildura
Telephone: 0477175911

Bring your own life jacket if you have one, or use one of the 5th Mildura life jackets if you don't.

Mar 7, 2014

Venturers Program - Term 1, 2014

13th Feb: river night /kayaking kings billabong
20th Feb: bottle rocket/science stuff
22nd Feb: founders day, nice point 10am-2pm
24th Feb: rover quiz night at nic point
26th Feb: run a night for the scouts on the Wednesday
6th mar: paint/water night
13th mar: putt putt
20th mar: chalk chase/penny hike
27th mar: casino night
3rd April: reverse formal dinner

Mar 6, 2014


Good afternoon all, Just a reminder that there will be a Committee Meeting on Wednesday 13th at 7pm at the Hall.

Please email agenda items as soon as you are able.

All parents are welcome it attend.

My apologies if anyone is receiving this in duplicate, or if they no longer require it. I am still in the process of updating the system.

Kind regards,
Caitlin Holmes (Secretary)