Sep 11, 2013

Cohen Shield :: Directions to Bulter’s Bend(aka Munro’s Bend)

  • Drive over theGeorge Chaffey Bridge towards Buronga.
  • Turn Right at the round‐a‐bout towards GolGol and Euston
  • Continue through Buronga and then through GolGol.
  • The turn off to the entrance of the property is about 5.3km from the GolGol Hotel on the Right Hand Side.
  • Go through the gate, don’t worry about shutting the gate.
  • Head down the road through the centre of the property. This road will go down a hill and will follow around.
  • Camping is allowed anywhere.
  • Old Rover Camp Totem pole is the main flag area.
  • Camp fire must be kept neat and under control at all times

**Note: The road is solid and rocky, and is an all‐weather road. It is rough but all vehicles should have no problems.

Scouts Tonight :: Investiture of Jordan / Cohen Shield Packing (Full Uniform)