May 31, 2013

Fundraiser BBQs

Happy Friday!!

Next month (JUNE) is going to be busy busy with fundraising BBQ's
Bunnings on the 8th from 9 til 3
The Good Guys on the 15th and 16th from 11 til 3
Kmart 22nd from 9 til 3

The Good Guys have approached us to provide a BBQ during a sales event - this is a good opportunity for us with the radio present on the Saturday.

Rosters are in the Hall for sign up, or you can email me or leave a facebook post on the 5th Mildura page.

PLEASE PLEASE sign up where you are able and bring your Scout/Cub along to assist.

Venturers please look to put in some time as well! :D

Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


May 27, 2013


Rosters are now at the Hall for the Bunnings BBQ (8th June) and the Kmart BBQ (22nd June). Please sign up where you can, every hour you spare makes this group a better place for your kids to be!!

May 22, 2013

Scout's at Steve's Bend Cancelled - Meet at Hall 7-9pm

The leaders have decided that due to the wet weather, we will NOT be going to Steve's Bend at Trentham Cliffs tonight. We will instead meet at the Scout Hall as usual. 7-9pm. Survival Skills.

May 20, 2013

Last Week's Note - Scouts Over the Next Few Weeks

Dear Scouts and Parents,

As per our Term Programme, next Wednesday May 22nd, 5th Mildura Scouts will be having a ‘Survival Skills’ night at Steven Munro’s River Bend.

Scouts will need to find their own way out to Trentham Cliffs and back again but parents are invited to stay for the duration and assist with activities or keep warm by the campfire.

Scouts need to bring a torch, green book, pen, mozzie repellent and wear warm clothes and their scout scarf. Parents should bring a chair if they wish.

Steve’s Bend can be located through GolGol, approximately 200 metres before the Trentham Cliffs Caravan Park on the left hand side.

Also, Rays Tent City has offered a one off Scouts and Guides shopping night, which may benefit you before the scout hike. This will be held on Wednesday May 29th from 6pm – 8pm.

Scouts will continue as usual at the Scout hall from 7pm til 9pm. Scout leaders will be at Ray’s from 6pm til 6:45pm before heading to scouts.

Please have your bike and helmet ready for a quick maintenance check before the Scout hike on June 14th. 

Thanks, Sheridan

May 15, 2013

Roller Skating Tonight - Fancy Dress 'MAGIC' Theme

I forgot to include one important piece of information on the BLOG for tonight's roller skating night (But is is on our Term 2 Program). The Scout Leaders thought that it would be fun if the Scouts from each Troop dressed up in a theme.

5th Mildura Scouts theme is MAGIC.

Other Troops are probably going to arrive in fancy dress (if their leaders remembered), so if you have some sort of MAGIC costume that you would like to wear, please wear it tonight!

Remember to still wear your scarf somewhere!

See our previous blog post for all tonight's details.

May 12, 2013


Evening All!!!

We have a BBQ scheduled for the 8th of June. As it is the Queen's Birthday long weekend, can you PLEASE let us know ASAP if you CAN'T attend! Being a long weekend, this could be a good money spinner!!! I know we go on quite a lot about money and fundraising of late, but I really can not stress enough just how important this fundraising is to our group - significant repairs need completing and we simply don't have the funds lying around to use. Every effort that each of you make is appreciated, and do not go unnoticed :)


May 11, 2013


Morning All!
The meeting that was to be held on the 15th of this month has been cancelled. I will re-schedule as soon as possible.

A MASSIVE thank you goes out to everyone who sold raffle tickets. We raised a total of $500! Which I think is a stellar effort!

- Caitlin

May 9, 2013

District Roller Skating Night 2013

When: Wednesday May 15th, 2013
Where: Sun City Rollerama - 55 The Crescent, Mildura
Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Cost: $7.00 (inc. skate/blade hire)
Snacks and drinks extra

Scouts need to wear scarves only, full uniform not required. Scouts will need to be dropped off and picked up from the skate rink: 55 The Crescent, Mildura.