Sep 19, 2011

Steven & Shannon's Mock Wedding

Hello everyone,
You should be able to get all organised for the mock wedding as i know you all play on facebook, therefore you should all know what is going on.
Firstly, if you have a friend who goes to scouts at 5th or Delta who is not on the guest list, then PLEASE invite them. This eventl is only going to people i am FB friends with. Parents, please pass this on to your son daughter, if you have received this invite. (you don't need to attend).
Not yet notified are Ryan, Justin, Emma-Lee, Annie-May, Jarrod, James, Jayden, Harley and i'm sure thre are a few more, so please if they are your friends, let them know.

Right hopefully the Delta scouts will be coming with Noel and Shannon. We will run a full wedding service with all the bells and whistles, followed by a wedding reception. It will be a fun night, so please come along, play a part and congratulate Steve and Shannon.

Please bring a small plate of supper to share, Maybe Bandicoots could bring a drink instead. Would anyone like to offer to bring a cake? Doesn't have to be fancy, just something to symbolise a wedding cake.

We need the following people to play roles in the wedding:

Maid of Honour - Courtney Manger
Bridesmaid - Emma-Lee Coff
Flower girl - Annie-May

Best Man - Justin Greenfield
Groomsman - Darcy Cooke
Page Boy - Alex Ditchburn

Objector - Alison Murphy
Mother of the Bride - Andrea Hodgetts
Father of the Bride - Noel Whitchurch
Minister - Sheridan Marr
Photographer - Kaitlyn Coff
Reader of Bible - James Turlan
Reader of Poetry - John B Loghhead
Wedding singer - Chloe Manger

If you are not coming, please let me know so i can replace your character. For those without a specific role, if you would prefer to have on, please let me know and i'll swap you. Anyone else is a wedding guest and will have the chance to play all the games and do various other thing during the night, so don't feel left out.
Please come dressed according to your part, if you can. Message me or write on my wall if you have any questions or concerns.
I will have all the other information you will need on the night ie poems, readings, rings etc.


Oasis Stargazer Club at Cubs

Oasis Stargazers will be showing us the real Stars tonight!  They will be setting up in the park next to the Scout Hall.  Any parents who wish to come and have a look as well can do so the cost is $2.00.

Don't forget if any cubs have finished their worksheet from a couple of weeks ago bring it along tonight and you will earn your space badge.  If not the holidays might give you a bit more time to finish off those extra bits to earn the Space Badge.

See you all tonight 6.30pm.

Sep 9, 2011

Parent Committee Meeting :: Wed, 14 September at 7:30pm

Thank you for the parents who turned up to the parent's meeting, and a HUGE thanks to those who took up the challenge of being part of the committee. However, the number of youth members at 5th Mildura compared to the number of parents at the meeting was a little disappointing.

Please come along to the parent committee meeting and help shape YOUR child's time in Scouting.

It's not scary, we just need your help.

Date: Wednesday 14th September 2011
Time: 7:30pm
Where: Scout Hall

Sep 8, 2011

Venturers: Quiz Night vs. The Rovers

Venturers this Thursday night, September 8, is a Trivia night with the Rovers. 

It starts at 6.30pm and will finish at 9.30pm. It is being held at the John Douglas Scout Centre ( Nichols Point Scout Hall).

Bring $5 for pizza, and your trivia brains. It should be awesome fun! Any questions, just ask me!!

Sep 6, 2011

Investiture of Seven Cubs at 5th Mildura

The 5th Mildura Cub Pack has grown from 5 to 12 Cubs last Monday, 5 September, when 7 new cubs were invested. The Joeys from 2nd Mildura, and their leaders visited for the night. Later in the night the Cubs and Joeys learnt how to do lino prints and made their dads Father's Day cards (only one day late).
The seven new 5th Mildura Cubs.

The full pack of twelve 5th Mildura Cubs.

Jack's Investiture, Campcraft & Cohen Shield Prep Night, Wednesday 7 September

This Wednesday night, Jack will be invested as a 5th Mildura Scout. All Scouts are required to wear full uniform. Parents and friends are invited to attend at 9pm.

Cohen Shield Reminder: Return Health Form and $25 for this weekend's camp. Last chance!

Rover Kamp Reminder: Return Health Form and $50. Get in early and secure your place.

Directions to the Cohen Shield & District Competition Camp 2011 - Mertenalli Sandhills, Kelso Station. September 9, 10 & 11.