Jun 11, 2010

Directions to District Hike Campsite

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Steve's Hike Notes

Things to think about...

You are going on hike, but unlike any other type of camp, you need to carry everything, on your back. So here are some tips to make life a little easier.

This is your biggest enemy, every single gram extra you carry is going to cause you the extra bit of pain! Weight everything, you'll be surprised! Aim for less than 10kg.
  1. Food -I know we don't all like the dehydrated foods, but carrying food that already contains water is pointless as you are also carrying water just to drink. Test and try different types BEFORE you go hiking.
  2. Drinks - OK so water is a little boring, don't go cordial or energy drinks. try a little powdered cordial or Tang! lt's light and slightly tasty.
  3. Share - As a group of 2-3 you can lighten each others load by sharing the tent, food and cooking gear.
  4. Too much junk - Before you put your gear into your pack, put it into a heap, step back and look. Is there anything you don't really need? QUESTIONS: Does that full towel need to go? How many clothes can you really wear? And where are you going to plug the hair dryer into??
  5. Plastic is wonderful. Why take metal knives and fork when you're not having steak? There is a good range of plastic gear these days. QUESTION: if you are not cutting anything, why do you need a knife anyway?
  6. Packaging - Food comes in a bag inside a box? Throw out the box before you leave.
You don't have to own the latest and greatest to make it through.
  1. Rain coat - Now I know a big jacket is nice. but a poncho is much smaller and more practical. as it can also cover your pack. HINT: Pack a garbage bag or two. they are super light, and with a few holes cut make awesome poncho or bag cover!
  2. Cookers - Gas cookers are good. but they are HEAVYll However they can cook many meals are can be good if shared. Solid fuel stoves are very LIGHT but require a bit more patience.
  3. Sit-apon - OK I have borrowed this one from the Guides. Can't carry a chair while hiking. but don't want a wet behind when you sit? How about a square of plastic, like the type from around white goods?
  4. Foot wear - TIP: To help prevent blisters. wear 2 pairs of socks. 1 thin and 1 thick!!
  5. Don't forget some toilet paper!
  6. Sleeping - NEVER sleep in the clothes you have been walking in!
A Scout should make careful observations about the environment, so they have some idea where they are going.
  1. Sun on your back - make a mental note as to which side of you the sun is. and from that you should be able to make a rough guess as to the rough directions. NSEW.
  2. Eye contact - You should ALWAYS be within eyesight of someone else. Keep a watch on those in front and behind you.
  3. Lost - This is super important! If you do get lost and separated from the rest of the group STOP!! Do not keep walking!! Make some noise, but stay where you are. Hopefully this does not happen.
The 10th Scout Law is ????
  1. Rubbish - Everything you bring in, you must bring out. So think about the meals you have to try and reduce the amount of weight you have to drag back out again.
  2. Lollies - Now this is one of the few camps where A FEW lollies are allowed for a little energy, HOWEVER don't buy lollies with wrappers. I know you Scouts are good and put them in your pockets. but after 10km of walking, they FALL OUT!!
  3. Cold? - Yes it will be cold. the best tips - Walking, wear layers, thin layers. As you walk you warm up take off a layer. If you wear one BIG layer you get hot and cold quickly. Bedtime: the new style sleeping bag (silky) actually work better with less layers. as they need body heat to reflect to keep warm. Layers of clothing block the body heat.
  4. Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but foot prints.
The number 1 rule!