Jan 21, 2010

Jamboree Unpack & Clean Up Night

Whew....What a Jamboree! An absolutely amazing experience for all involved. I'm sure you have all heard hundreds of stories by now and seen all the photos.

We managed to bring everyone back to Mildura in one piece. They might be a little bruised and battered, fully exhausted, but rest assured that they had the time of their lives!

As a parent of two Scouts, I thank Steven, Sheridan, Neil and Steven for giving up their holidays to lead Troop 127 at AJ 2010.

But Jamboree is not quite over yet!

Sheridan & I are travelling to Melbourne this weekend to pick up the 5th Mildura tents and gear, some of which were borrowed from around the district. (Thanks Sunraysia Scouts).

We are asking that one parent from every family (who sent a Scout to Jamboree) come along on Wednesday 27th January (7:30 to 9:30pm) to give us a hand unpacking and sorting all of the gear. Unfortunately, the canvas tents were packed damp, so we need to hang them out to dry, possibly at Scout halls around the district.

Thanks 5th Mildura Families.


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